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Climate Resilience


Prepare for Net Zero and Climate Resilience in a rapidly changing world

In June 2021, the UK Government set legally binding targets to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. November 2021 will see the UK host the COP26 global climate summit, and the Government is expected to take this opportunity to release directives which will fundamentally change how UK organisations operate as we move towards Net Zero by 2050.
As a result, UK companies are increasingly demonstrating their climate ambitions through commitments and declarations related to climate change. Meanwhile, investors are raising expectations for climate action, business customers are imposing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reporting and targets for Net Zero, and consumers have an expectation that their chosen brands should act responsibly by taking direct action on climate change.
Our Climatespace application is designed to help businesses navigate and prepare for this increasingly complex world. Accessed through the Greenspace platform, Climatespace allows you to collate your obligations in one place and offers a simple system to help your organisation stay on top of new climate developments and risks that require management.
When used in combination with our Greenspace gap analysis tool - which assesses compliance against the forthcoming Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) - Climatespace applications allow you to weave together your TCFD strategy and Net Zero commitments on one simple platform.
Through Climatespace, you can post, share and track details of climate commitments, enabling your teams to access and contribute to corporate Net Zero goals. Users can also combine outputs from the Waterman Scenario Model and Risk Assessment tool within Climatespace to incorporate potential actions and responses to the physical risks associated with defined climate scenarios as well as anticipated transition risks as we move to a Net Zero economy.
Climatespace is your Climate Management System.

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