ESOS presents a major opportunity for organisations to significantly reduce their energy costs.

ESOS requires all large organisations to appoint an approved ESOS Lead Assessor to undertake energy audits. These audits will generate costed recommendations for reducing consumption.

Waterman has a range of services to assist:

ESOS Lead Assessor Service
Waterman can provide ESOS Lead Assessor support. This involves detailed audits of energy use, the provision of costed recommendations of energy saving opportunities and compliance reporting to the Environment Agency.

Energy and carbon management programmes
As a firm of consulting engineers and environmental specialists we can work with you to reduce your energy consumption in a cost-effective way. This includes implementing any recommendations from ESOS assessments. We will ensure you get return on investment through appropriate prioritisation of initiatives. Waterman offers a full range of technical services through our mechanical and electrical engineering and facilities management expertise. We are also able to advise on wider energy use aspects including employee energy consumption behaviour and measures that can be taken to improve this.


ISO 50,001

Energy costs, carbon management and compliance with ESOS have generated a surge in interest in implementing the energy management standard ISO 50,001.

The main advantage of using ISO 50001 is that it provides a structure for the systematic, continual reduction in energy consumption. ESOS energy assessments will only deliver consumption reductions if the organisation chooses to implement the recommendations.

Waterman has been at the forefront of ISO 50,001 implementation and has successfully supported clients in a range of sectors through the entire process from gap analysis to final external audit stage.

Like other standards, such ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 50,001 is based around a plan, do, check, act approach.

We work with our clients to implement an effective, integrated and efficient system. If you are considering implementing ISO 50,001 please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



With the rise of climate change in governmental and society"s agendas in recent years, there has been a surge worldwide in policy and legal drivers which require businesses to measure and understand their emissions of causative greenhouse gases – also known as a carbon footprint.

One of the main advantages of measuring a carbon footprint is being able to identify the main means to reduce emissions and then communicate this information to stakeholders. This may be a regulatory requirement – for example all listed companies in the UK have to report greenhouse gas emissions as part of their annual report under amendments to the Companies Act – or simply a result of a cost saving exercise.


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